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If you have a job offer in New Zealand, it is likely you will need to apply for an Accredited Employer work visa. You must be suitably qualified and experienced to do the job and meet health and character requirements. There are also minimum remuneration requirements which must be met. Your employer must be accredited and have an approved job check to support your application.


If you are wishing to support a migrant to obtain an Accredited Employer work visa, you must first obtain employer accreditation and get a job check approved. Employers must have a genuine and viable business, and comply with immigration, employment and business regulations.


Some Accredited Employer work visa holders aged 55 or younger have a work to residence pathway. Accredited Employer work visa holders who are paid twice the median wage and those working in certain jobs on Immigration New Zealand’s Green List, are eligible to apply for residence after working in New Zealand for two years.


If you are unsure about which visa to apply for or you want to check whether or not you will meet the requirements of a particular visa category, then we can carry out an eligibility assessment for you. Once we have the information that we need from you, we will provide you with a written report about your options and eligibility.


If you are in a relationship with a New Zealand citizen or resident, then you may be able to apply for a partnership based visa. You can apply for a temporary visa, like a visitor visa or work visa, based on your relationship if you can demonstrate that you are living together in a genuine and stable relationship. If you have been living together for at least 12 months, then you may be able to apply for residence.


A student visa allows you to study in New Zealand. If you are intending to study at a tertiary education institute like a university, you will need to pay international student fees. You will receive an excellent education and upon conclusion of your studies, you may become eligible to apply for an open work visa. In some cases, studying in New Zealand at the tertiary level will assist you to gain employment or residence in New Zealand.


If you have skills which can contribute to New Zealand’s economic growth then you may be eligible to apply for residence in New Zealand under the Skilled Migrant category. You are awarded points for your age, skilled employment, skilled experience and recognised qualifications. You must also meet health, character and English language requirements. If your application is successful you will be able to live and work in New Zealand indefinitely.


Visitor visas allow you to travel to and stay in New Zealand as a holiday maker. They are best suited to people wanting to stay in New Zealand short term. During your stay you may visit family and friends and enjoy New Zealand’s scenery, culture and tourist activities.